Kundalini yoga is known as the “Yoga of Awareness”. This very ancient and traditional form of Yoga is beneficial to students of all levels and abilities.

Working with Kriyas (sets of postures), Pranayama (breath control) Meditation (Mindfulness) Mantra (healing sound vibrations), the classes will allow you to learn to relax and de-stress, and build strength and stamina. You will learn empowerment techniques to release fears and build confidence. You will have the opportunity to deepen your spiritual growth and connect to your higher self.Kundalini yoga new forest

One to One tuition is also available in a private studio set in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of the New Forest. Ideal if you would like to work on specific issues like depression, stress, overcoming addictions or simply to develop your own personal practice further.

Whatever your feel you are lacking Kundalini Yoga can help open the door to growth, happiness and prosperity in your life.

 “Get your body and soul in shape – Come try Kundalini Yoga”