Kundalini yoga is a sacred science. Over 5,000 years old it is a comprehensive technology ideally suited to people who lead busy active lives in today’s world. Considered a “Raj” yoga (Royal Yoga) it was carefully handed down by word of mouth from master to disciple for centuries and was always held in secret.

Yogi Bhajan challenged this secrecy in 1969 when he brought it to the west and began teaching publicly. Yogi Bhajan strongly felt that we would desperately need this yoga to cope with challenging times.

Kundalini yoga is a safe total workout for the mind, body, and spirit. Combining breathing, movement and stretching giving an experience of self-confidence, deep inner calm and awareness. Kundalini yoga can produce powerful and dramatic results very quickly.

Many positions and movements are themselves quite simple and easy – it is the extended repetition that challenges us. If you persevere with these challenges you will find new resources of stamina, commitment and self confidence.

Kundalini Yoga is about training your body as well as your Mind. Flexibility to the spine and balancing the endocrine systems will help cope with the stresses and challenges of life making your approach to each day calmer and happier.

The word Kundalini translates as “coiled” and the image often used to describe the energy lying dormant at the base of our spine is that of a coiled sleeping serpent. By activating this powerful energy we can discover the wonderful transformation that can happen within us.