Meditation is a beautiful and transforming practice which helps train the mind to become more peaceful and positive.  It can help us to develop our concentration, clarity of mind and with practice we can culture more positive ways of thinking.

We can reach profoundly peaceful and energised states of mind.  We can begin to see deeper into our true nature or “our essence” and have a clearer understanding of ourselves and our lives.  A self awareness can develop that we may never have experienced.
Just a few minutes meditation a day can bring immediate benefits.  Rsearch has shown that simply by paying attention to the breath we can become calmer and thereby relieve stress, lower the heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.
Meditation can help us to change habits and promote self control which we then carry out in our everyday lives.

Mantra – Everything in the universe is built on sound vibration. Sound is one of the most important tools we use in healing and transformation and we use Mantra (sound vibration) in Kundalini yoga. Mantra is a specific quantum technology which uses sound vibration to affect and elevate consciousness; it also heals us on all levels.

When we vibrate these sounds, we are tuning into specific frequencies of consciousness – a bit like a TV or radio tuning into various channels. Our Universe reflects back to us what we have vibrated out. So what we have projected or vibrated out is what we will draw back to us. When we vibrate and tune into a frequency of healing and abundance, that is the vibration we will fill ourselves with, then project out, and finally what we will attract back to us or manifest.

By chanting, whispering or even thinking a mantra, we are vibrating it, sending out specific waves which will then tune into the corresponding frequency, invoking a positive power or particular energy.

The mantras in Kundalini Yoga have been tried and tested over a long period of time and through experience have found to have had a most profound effect.

Mantras can have an effect on us by listening to them or just by being in their presence. The vibrations or waves they send out affect our brain patterns. The brain uses certain fluids to transmit messages; these messages need to travel very quickly. Mantra will facilitate the affect and activate these messages in a positive way. When you chant a mantra, the tongue, hits the meridian or reflex points in the roof of the mouth. Once these points are hit in a certain sequence, the brain receives a coded message through the meridians. The more the mantra is repeated, the stronger the message is embedded into the brain.

The messages go directly to the hypothalamus gland in the old part of the brain. The gland then begins to secrete, sending messages to the other glands, such as the pineal and pituitary gland, they also start secreting. In turn this sets off a chain reaction in the rest of the body, the resultant effect is, depending on the mantra. Through sound, it is possible to adjust patterns of the mind, by altering the chemicals in the brain.


Clearing the subconscious mind of negative thoughts is the only way to break negative behaviour patterns. By chanting a mantra, like all other meditation; can help reduce stress, heal on a multitude of levels, bring calm and joy into our lives, introducing and maintaining peace.

It can help us raise our own vibrational frequency by filling us with positively, this can also help us to be more present and to live in the now, in each moment. Allowing us to be and to focus on what is important in our lives.

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